The goal of this video was to make a cheesy but still decent fighting video (and to make two people who don’t know how to fight look like they actually know how to fight).

This was my first attempt at a fight sequence (for a simple school project). In my opinion, there could have been a lot of improvements made. I should have got more tight shots of the action with a wider variation of angles (and maybe had some decent lighting). We were on a timeframe and had a 10 hour filming early in the morning the following day (and because of this we were up past 1am) so it would have been difficult to improve the situation.

The post production was finished in about 4 hours the night before the assignment was due. I was extremely busy with NS filmings and it forced me to edit this last minute. If I were to do it again, I’d re-do the color grading, crop some of the footage, and fix the cheesy elbow-strike that doesn’t work well.


Adam Oliver

Daniel Rode

Julian Oliver

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