I put this video together for the bible study I go to. We went on a missions trip to Vegas for spring break and I brought my camera to film it. It was incredibly difficult to fit everything that happened into one 4 minute video – I might even say impossible, especially considering that I had well over 11 hours of footage. We’re planning to release more videos on the same channel, but to expect to recreate what happened is a bit crazy.

This video was actually really fun to edit. I synced it to one of my favorite songs as of lately – Breakers by Local Natives – and I think it fits perfectly. When filmed, there was a lot of camera movement, and I kept that in mind as I knew I’d sync it to something relatively fast paced. This being the second “music video” I’ve created (the first was a really old Nerf Socom video for Death of Me by Red), I think it’s pretty good. The shots all lined up perfectly and as of writing this there are only a couple of small issues that I wished I could have changed during the filming of the video.

I’ve certainly learned a lot filming this (the entire event, that is), actually much more than I had expected to. It’s hard to film live video. There were so many things that I was just too late to capture, even if I was pre-recording. You just can’t predict what will happen, that’s one of the things biggest I learned.

One thing that I would do differently is be more involved. I felt bad when people were doing hard work and I was carrying my lightweight camera around filming them. More does not equal better in terms of this type of footage, as I can’t upload all 11 hours of footage to YouTube. Apart from that, being behind the camera the whole time gives you that “cameraman syndrome”- where you become separated from the people you are filming. I kind of felt like a nuisance sometimes, as people would be sarcastic with me and avoid me (specifically as the cameraman, not my person). It really gives an interesting perspective. I know that if I were to do it again, then I would definitely try to be filming less than half as often as I did this time.

Overall, this was such a great experience for me. I wouldn’t even need to think twice before offering to do it again.

2 thoughts on “Kairos Las Vegas 2014

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